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Try These 5 Tips If You Are A Beginner to Vape

The popularity of vaping is growing for good reasons — it’s a fun, much more healthy way to enjoy nicotine and quit cigarettes. The vape kits come in sleek packaging, and it’s a great way for friends to share memories and bond. Vaping has no official course beginners can follow, but there are tips to ensure they’re doing it in the right and most effective way.

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From how you place the vaping device in your mouth to how you draw in the flavor and which kit to use, there are numerous tips out there, and a lot of them can get over your head when you’re trying to understand vaping. As a beginner, you’ve probably read your fair share of tips, but these tips below are the only ones that matter because they’ll improve your overall vaping experience.

Without further ado, here are five tips to help you make the most of vaping experience.

1. Get A Subscription for Premium E-Liquids 

Going the extra mile when it comes to investing in an e-liquid subscription will be worth it once you try them out. While there’s nothing wrong with an inexpensive e-liquid, their quality may not be as excellent. There are many ways you can get high-quality e-liquids, but monthly subscriptions top the list. With this, you only pay a lump sum once and get your e-liquids each month for a specific number of months, depending on how much you paid.

With an e liquid subscription, you can be sure of premium e-liquid flavors because they come from a reputable vendor. They’ve got pure medical-grade nicotine, food-grade ingredients, and have very potent flavors. You can also opt out of the service if you’re not satisfied.

2. Maintain your E-Liquid and Device 

Vaping is more than buying e-liquids and vape devices. You have to take care of your vaping accessories and maintain them for longevity.

For instance, before using your e-juice, it’s important to shake it well. This will mix up the PG/VG and nicotine levels to ensure the best quality vape every time. You should also keep your e-liquids out of direct sunlight because the levels of nicotine can be affected.

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Additionally, leaving your e-liquid bottles is a big no-no. You can let it breathe for a couple of minutes if the flavor is too intense, but anything more than 30 minutes will decrease the potency of the flavor in your juice.

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When it comes to our device, always keep an eye on the battery. Without a power source, it’s redundant. Some devices have an LED light that flashed if the battery needs to be recharged. If it’s dying, don’t let the battery get flat; plug it in. 

Also, if you see any rips on the wrapping of your battery, dent, or any damage on it, avoid using it.

3. Change Your Coils Periodically

Most beginners don’t know this, but your coils directly affect your vaping experience. When you begin to see build-up on your coils or the flavor of your e-juice turns into a burnt, repulsive one, it’s time to change your coils. After changing your coils, you’ll also want to prime the wicks with e-liquid. This will help you avoid any hits that may have a bad taste afterward.

The frequency with which you need to replace your coils depends on:

  • The type of e-juice your use. People who use VG-based juices need to replace their coils more often than those with a balanced blend of PG/VG juices.
  • How often you vape
  • The type of e-cigarette you have. If your device is a variable voltage model and uses it at full power, your coil will wear out much quicker.

4. Vaper’s Tongue Is Your Enemy

When you vape a single flavor for too long, you won’t be able to taste it anymore after a while. This is what is referred to as vaper’s tongue. It’s not a medical condition, though, so you don’t need to rush to the ER. Many vaping beginners experience it, so consider this a heads-up if you haven’t yet. Fixing it is easy. Simply switch to a new flavor for a while, then go back to the former taste. You could also take lots of water to help with this condition.

5. Regularly Clean Your E-Tank 

Once in a while, empty and clean your tank. There will be a build-up of gunk if you vape regularly, and this can affect your expertise as a beginner. You should try as much as possible to do it at least once a week.

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It’s simple, just disassemble your vaping device, clear out all the e-juice, and rinse all the parts under running hot water. After this, just let every part air dry then you can assemble it again. Cleaning your device regularly helps you steer clear of bad-tasting flavors, leaks, and nasty build-ups.


When you begin your vaping journey, get a starter kit. Getting a more advanced one will leave you with more questions than answers. A starter kit is a more intuitive and a much better way to inaugurate you into the world of vaping. The last thing you want to do is splurge on an expensive fancy device and get it wrong. Chances are, you’ll have a terrible experience that will put you off vaping for the rest of your life, and you don’t want that.

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